Psychological Services for the Northern Virginia & Washington, DC Area.

Eleni Boosalis,Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Northern Virginia and in the Washington, DC area. She provides psychotherapy and psychological evaluations for children and adults. Her areas of expertise are in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders and psychological testing for educational and diagnostic purposes. She also provides consulting services, phone sessions, graduate and post-doctoral supervision, and hypnotherapy for habit breaking and stress management.

Individual Therapy

Dr. Boosalis provides short and long-term treatment for adolescents and adults. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, and experiential approaches to best meet the needs of her clients. Her areas of expertise are in the treatment of depression, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, phobias, Panic Disorder, stress management, and relationship issues.

Group Therapy

Twelve week group therapy sessions are provided, which focus on specific topics such as depression, stress management, relationship issues, and spirituality. Groups are made up of 6-12 individuals and groups begin several times per year. Dr. Boosalis uses various treatment approaches that target breaking unhealthy relationship patterns by accessing the root of such behaviors. Hypnotherapy and stress management is utilized in most group sessions.

Psychological Testing

Dr. Boosalis provides psychological testing and comprehensive evaluations for children and adults for a variety of issues. Cognitive and emotional functioning is assessed to address issues related to difficulty with school and work performance and to provide diagnosis and treatment planning. Evaluations for bariatric surgery readiness and disability determination are also provided.


Consulting services include working with private agencies to provide expert opinion in court related and foster care services. Dr. Boosalis has also consulted in cases regarding mental disability and competency.


Hypnosis and relaxation techniques are used to manage stress, treat phobias, and break undesirable habits. The client is taught to utilize self-hypnosis techniques and meditation techniques to decrease anxiety and stress. Hypnosis is an excellent method of treatment for smoking cessation and breaking unhealthy thought patterns. It is also used to access subconscious roots of unhealthy behaviors.


Clinical supervision is provided for doctoral students and therapists-in-training. Post-doctoral supervision is also offered to psychologist associates who are obtaining hours towards licensure in the state of Virginia and in the District of Columbia.

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